Having My Time (Original)

Jennifer B & The Groove
Jennifer Lindsey


Original written by Jennifer Lindsey (B), performed by Jennifer B & the Groove 2014

Recorded at Blues Day Studio, Lakeway, TX by Kevin Kelly

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar - Jennifer Lindsey

Bass/Vocals - Dr.D

Guitar/Vocals - Nick Boettcher (of Paige & the Reverent Few)

Drums - Adrian Myers

This song was inspired by having good AND bad times in life...you cannot know joy unless you have experienced sorrow.  I was reflecting on my porch and feeling so grateful for where I am at in my life in this time.  The song is not a sad song but rather a song about living...having had time to live..make mistakes, screw ups, general life-aches that happen, after-all, it's LIFE!  And, I am certainly happy to have 'Had My Time'


"Somebody's always watching", that's what my daddy'd say

He'd say, "You can't escape everyone's eyes, so use your eyes to guide your way"

I grew up with the need to climb the highest mountain top, scream as loud as I can with no one there to make me stop


Life began in an instant, when I decided to leave my home

...was 14 and playin honkey-tonks and with men who should have know

Blowing people up as I burn by, racing up my mountain top

Drinking away the cares of the world with no one there to make me stop



I've had my time, I'm having my time (2x)


And for reasons, I keep thinking that the only thing that can make this right, is for your arms wrapped around me, asking if I'm gonna spend the night...but that ain't happening tonight

It's lonely and It's winter, sun is cold and there's no snow

Reflecting on some memories that have left me chilled to the bone

I've climbed as high as I can climb, this journey to the top

Now I'm standing at the edge and looking over with no one there to make me stop